Redtube chat room - Dating anxiety depression

Sometimes, this means canceling my plans and staying in bed when I just don’t have the energy or wherewithal for anything else.

I learned that the extreme physical and mental exhaustion I felt after completing a few days of “average” activities was not merely the consequence of my introversion, but a function of sensory overload, and that there were things I could do to cope with this sensitivity.

At the same time, I began dating two wonderful people who are still my partners.

No matter how much I love my partners, I can’t help them all the time.

Sometimes, I’m dealing with my own mental illnesses and their effects, or sometimes I have too much else going on in my life to be able to focus on my partners.

Sometimes, these feelings win, and I don’t ask my partners for reassurance.

But more often now, I just turn to one of them and say, “Hey, I’m feeling anxious and like that thing I said two hours ago was stupid. ” Another thing that has taken me a long time to learn is how to take time alone to do self-care and not feel guilty about it.

That’s not to say that I want to constantly ignore how my actions make them feel, but I have to learn that I can’t please everyone all the time and that it’s okay to make someone disappointed.

I feel disappointed when a friend cancels, but I don’t hate them for it.

They just want to know what is going on with me and what I need, whether that be space or a hug.

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