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Pain is an emotion we use to send our spouse the message of just how devastated we truly are.2.

Bitterness—Sometimes following pain will be bitterness. This is usually about blaming your spouse for not being the person you wanted him to be.

"I even heard from the Army about the photograph and identity of an actual retired general being used in an attempt to scam older women," says Sluppick.

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It is in the bitterness stage that you might decide to get revenge, trying to hurt your spouse as much as he hurt you.

Here you are angry about what your spouse did, his decision to divorce, and you are asking, "How can you do this to me? Desperation—Desperation comes next when you realize your spouse is serious and really does want a divorce.

Pain—Pain occurs when you first hear of your spouse wanting a divorce.

The pain can be so great, you wonder if you will even survive.

Knowing and understanding the stage you are in can help you navigate the journey in a healthier way.

Just as in death and dying, there are emotional stages people go through during a divorce.

Should you come up with another idea, you will likely revisit the desperation stage.5.

Despair—When the frustration fades, you will be left with despair and more pain.

After that, you'll never hear from your sweetheart again.

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