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They contribute only a small amount of money to the magazine, but they punch very much above their weight."The column has given the LRB the opportunity to meet some of its readers. So don't think placing this ad is the biggest come-down I've ever had to make. Call for papers: "London Review of Books personal ads: an exaggeration or a rejection of the dominant cultural norm? A singles night was held in London in August and attracted 120 people who were less "middle-aged and flatulent" than had been expected. " Send proposal to gay, anorexic, flamenco-dancing M, 36, baby-blue eyes, blond hair, and pesto recipes to die for.

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Some are almost competitive in the weirdness or there may be people who are trying out characters from their new novel." Rose is not above a little weirdness himself.

He once printed the entire column in German for no other reason than he'd recently be listening to "Reeperbahn" by Tom Waits.

The stigma has disappeared and the business in the UK is reportedly worth more than £50m.

Newspapers outsource their dating columns to agencies and take a share of the premium-rate calls to the adverts.

The sheer obscurity of some ads has led to an urban myth that a North Korean spy was once picked up in London with a copy of the LRB containing several circled personals ads."The LRB is an extremely serious read," says Nicholas Spice, the periodical's publisher. When you do that voodoo that you do so well, I invoke 16th century witchcraft laws and have you burned at the stake.

"It takes quite a bit of commitment, so the personals are valuable because they break up the rhythm; they represent some light relief.

However, even at the LRB, half of her 10 respondents were married men looking for a no-strings affair.

David Rose admits that there are some ads that are so "out there" that they are probably placed by people with other motivations.

For seven years the LRB personals column has been producing surreal haikus of the heart like this.

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