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Also according to the law, sexual intercourse with one wife in a polygamous marriage is not adultery, as far as another wife in the same marriage is concerned! That it is adultery if it is an extra-marital relationship with a person of the same sex.

In law, adultery only applies where there has been sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.

One way of counterbalancing the petition is not to defend it, but to file a statement explaining why you believe the marriage broke down before the adultery occurred.

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That fell into the gross and obvious category, and her settlement was reduced.

As I pointed out on , divorce isn’t about subjecting individuals to “trials”.

Had Bill Clinton said, “I did not commit adultery with that woman” of Monica Lewinsky, rather than “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, he would have been correct. That it isn’t adultery if you have already separated from your spouse.

If your spouse has sexual intercourse with another while married to you, it is adultery.

There will be the petition fee (£340), the decree absolute fee (£45) and your lawyer’s fees, if you instruct one. That the third party’s finances will be used to “pay off” the other spouse. That said, it is worth noting that a new partner’s financial means might be indirectly relevant in relation to a spouse’s finances post-divorce, and his or her ability to meet the former spouse’s needs. That if you have committed adultery, the court will be biased against you when dealing with the finances and the children. Most marriages break down because of fault on both sides.

Adultery can be a symptom of a failing marriage, rather than its cause.

[UPDATE: Please also see the comment from John Bolch of Family Lore, at the bottom of this post.] 3.

That it isn’t adultery if you are already divorced.

My advice is always to act with dignity and concentrate on other issues in the divorce such as the children and finance.

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