lexico statistical dating - Dating a schizoid woman

Due to their difficulty in expressing emotions, sufferers tend to be introverted and come across cold, dull and distant.

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They are creatures of predictable habit and like to daydream, even though they are very much in touch with reality.

Schizoid personality disorder is considered to be part of the schizophrenic spectrum of disorders.

It determines a person’s physical, mental, and emotional responses to certain situations.

A personality disorder is a mental condition that prevents a person from thinking and behaving in a flexible way to conform to social expectations.

Our personality is constructed by deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour and thoughts, and is essentially the way in which we relate to, perceive and think about the world and ourselves.

Personality traits are how we exhibit our personality in a wide range of social and personal contexts.

Schizoid personality disorder is a relatively uncommon condition where sufferers have a significantly limited range of emotional experience and expression.

As a result they will attempt to avoid social situations and close interaction with others - preferring to spend time alone, absorbed in their own thoughts and feelings.

It is expressed through physical gestures or activities, conscious thoughts, as well as social behavior.

A person’s personality is unique, and it remains somewhat the same throughout his or her life.

Those with the condition can find it difficult to lead normal lives, as any kind of communication - in the workplace, at home or in any interpersonal setting - is hindered.

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