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I was sick earlier this week, then was dealing with some stress with work.So I've decided to write a series of blog posts about dating Asian men.

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And like professional events Alumni events are loading with all kinds of people from many different years.

You may run into someone you saw on campus once or twice and now you can get their full attention. Earlier I mentioned the cherry blossom festival in DC as a way to meet Asian men.

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Feeling much better now so I'm getting black to blogging.

This brings up the big debate over who should be making the moves: men or women?

I hear both black women and Asian men complaining about the lack of approach coming from either side.

Many cities have Asian embassies that also have events as well, you can try looking into those.

And also keep in mind that you don't have to just attend Asian events to meet guys. So you've gone to all the professional happy hours and all the summer festivals and not an Asian guy in site. I wrote about that a while ago so I'm being lazy here.

I'll have to say that when it comes to the actuall street fair, you may not find a lot of single guys roaming around; it's mostly families, couples, and a few friends.

However the cherry blossom events actually stretch over a few weeks with a lot of events--some that are completely free.

Of course I'm giving all these suggestions, but make sure you keep your expectations in check, especially when it comes to going to events and what not.

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