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“After that, every time we’d go and see them, her mum and grandmother would ask when we were getting married.

It was incessant, and that was fairly overwhelming.” But with a little patience and understanding, Samean was able to explain that it’s part of her culture for women to marry young and quickly.

On the day of their second wedding anniversary, celebrated with a trip to the cinema, the couple describes the endless mishaps that arise because of their different backgrounds.

“If I was living at home it might be a different story,” says Kan, who moved from Siem Reap to the capital three years ago, glancing shyly at her partner.

“My mum is strict and thinks girls shouldn’t go out by themselves at night.” In today’s world, however, many parents accept that a new generation does things differently.

“The power of cultural beliefs and expectations in guiding our thinking and behaviour means that it may make this difficult, as there is the added pressure of what society thinks and says should happen,” he says.

But with Cambodia a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, many are choosing to embark on not just long-term relationships but also long-term considerations of how to meld their backgrounds and beliefs with those of their partner.

Despite being aware that her daughter was dating an Englishman, Moni’s mother expressed concern when the couple, who met on a boat trip, announced their engagement.

Having heard stories of Western men leaving their Cambodian wives high and dry, she worried that Moni was wasting her time.

For headstrong Kan, who told her family she did not want to follow in the footsteps of her younger sister’s arranged marriage, her mother was understanding, and it didn’t take long for Joe to be accepted into the family fold.

The relationship grew stronger through regular visits to relatives in Siem Reap and Kan’s mother and sister coming to stay in Phnom Penh.

Australian Joe Phelan and his Khmer wife Sat Sokan met while working at ANZ Royal bank in August 2011.

They got engaged last Christmas Eve and were due to get married just weeks after being interviewed by Asia LIFE.

“It was his kindness that struck me,” says the 29-year-old restaurant manager.

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