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This truth is frequently lost on both the abuser and the victim, however.After a video was released showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée, now-wife Janay Palmer so hard that he knocked her unconscious, victims of domestic abuse took to Twitter to explain why Palmer still decided to become Mrs. Some on Twitter shared their own experiences with the hashtag #Why IStayed.These feelings then lead to the second stage of the cycle, which is where the actual abusive behavior occurs.

Every time a victim forgives an abuser, that abuser is reinforced for being abusive, and it becomes that much more likely that the abuser will become abusive again in the future.

The net effect is that the abuse tends to continue forever until the victim finds the courage to leave or is abused to death (e.g., murdered, in the most serious, violent cases).

There have been over 92,000 tweets on the subject since 1 a.m.

Monday when the video was posted (follow the Twitter conversation in the graphic above).

In a parent/child abusive relationship, guilt over abuse may be expressed as special privileges or gifts for the child victim.

Following the guilt and making up stage comes a "honeymoon" or latency period during which things are good for a while between the partners.

Inevitably, in truly abusive relationships, the latency period ends with the beginning of another abuse episode; the abuser again feels angry, disrespected or treated poorly in some way and the cycle starts all over again.

Though such cyclical abuse is repetitive and predictable, it is also intermittent, and the rest of the relationship might be perceived as good enough or even loving.

They may be motivated to put up with a lot of spousal abuse because the alternative is to go against the teachings of their church.

Still other abused people may rationalize staying in abusive relationships because they think it is the right thing to do for their children.

Other abused people stay because they believe that is the proper thing to do, given their religious or cultural background.

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