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I’m a long-time user of, but have periods when I lapse simply due to the fact that I need to manually enter my workouts if I’m recording them with my Garmin 620 (I can’t get the 620 to sync with dailymile).

Manual entry means that sometimes I just don’t get around to it, and if I miss a few days that’s sometimes enough for me to lose steam on keeping the log up.

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It automatically calculated pace and total miles, monthly miles, weekly miles, and miles per shoe pair (here's a Google docs similar version I found, although it is simplified).

I mostly just used it to keep up with shoe mileage, and eventually I moved over to Dailymile.

Plus, when I synced my Garmin, it uploaded a bunch of older runs, automatically applying those miles to my default shoes.

So for now I'm using Dailymile and Strava to make sure I am keeping track of shoe mileage.

You can save routes that you run often, and it takes just a second to add your run and attach your shoes to the run.

I keep up with my cumulative mileage and my shoes on the site, and I like its simplicity.

On the plus side it was successfully syncing directly from my Garmin 620, but it still required a trip to the Strava website to do so.

Yesterday I was filtering through my Feedly RSS feeds and came across a post from DC Rainmaker on a new auto-sync feature between Strava and Garmin Connect.

They’ve apparently been working on a site update (and app) for awhile so here’s hoping that it’s among included features when that rolls out.

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For someone who runs untimed at least 50% of the time, that's a pain.

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