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It says that the Belize convoy was full of prototypes meant to be scrapped, and Bane definitely got it from that convoy." "They wanted to trash it? Performs pretty well from what we saw." "Well, according to this, the exoskeleton would severely strain the user after extended use. It can increase a users strength and speed to 4x their natural limits." "Well that explains how he was able to throw you two around no trouble." "But wait!

With all that said, if you don't want your photo included here JUST SAY SO. No need to be a gigantic cocksucker, it's totally fine to just lighten the fuck up, I'll still take your photo off if you ask me in way that is a little more easy going and a little less fucking douchebag. " " I was a victim of this town from day 1, Liz. " " Y'know, sometimes I ask that myself....right now I really wish it wasn't me." " I's so unbelievable....." " Liz, look, I can tell you're not having any fun with this. One without the real me in it." " W-what? You're my only famile left, I don't want to lose you! " " Cousin, you said I was family to you and that you loved me.... Anyway, the jackoff that nearly killed you is still alive." " B-but you killed him! Although I hadn’t warmed up to him instantly I hadn’t reached the point of disgust yet either. Oh, and while I'm griping, what group of assholes attacks a vault, manages to succeed, and scatters the survivors to the wasteland wind? Now I'm stuck out here, walking around from place to place like a lost puppy because my home is gone. Next settlement I find I'm telling someone to start making maps again.

I've lost so much to the same kind of shit I tried to protect you from a few days're alright, by the way." " You're lucky you're in good health, too! If you don't ever wanna see me again, I understand. I don't care who you are, you're family to me and I love you, too...." "...that's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me in my entire life, Liz..." " you have a suitcase? " " Ah, shit...gonna have to explain this to you, too." " Explain what? " " The government knows who I am, Liz and now they've got me doing their dirty work rather I want to or not, else you and everyone else I care for get's one between the eyes." " Oh mon Dieu... " " Well, I'm going to your homeland, actually. They had photos of the body, the stab wound was unsurvivable! Big brother was keeping an eye on him wherever he went and he's been sticking around in Wymarcie with his army. Then the words that started to dribble out of this man’s mouth they started to become very foreign to me. All these jackoffs at the office, the rapist in the pool. I miss those giant steel hallways, and the metallic taste on the water. I don't even care if I have to adopt a kid, make it think maps are the most important things ever invented, give it the life mission of map making, then abandoning it so it'll be motivated.

It can increase a users strength and speed to 4x their natural limits." " Well that explains how he was able to throw you two around no trouble." " But wait! Linda and I took him on together and he kicked both our asses without breaking a sweat." ", that's...yikes...." "Yep...." "Hey! Lexcorp dropped $45 million on the project just to try and fix this before giving up." "So basically to beat Bane, we just gotta last longer than him." "Seems like it.

An advanced lightweight exoskeleton built for military combat. " "Yep, and it's way better than venom ever could be. Specifically the heart would be dangerously overworked after a while, which would potentially cripple or kill the user.

Call a Marine Instead of 911They’re built to improvise, adapt and overcome If you’re in knee deep and you’re up shit’s creek You’ve tried everything Tell you what you do Call a Marine! Babes love cannons." ', got me there." " I handled the north bomb, you got the center one? Fucking scumbags." " And now we gotta find the biggest one. But whatever." " H-hey, speaking of assholes I just remembered this! This looks like your room...." "Well my lady, it kinda is. Hopefully as he’s grown older his views on the country that flawed as it may be, is HIS country. meltdown between funny ladies and hot dogs this one mingles a special blend. -crazy ions- You can feel it out in traffic; everyone hates everyone!

Some douche bag rises up and overthrows his government Diplomacy ain’t workin’ and the ammos all been spent The world is in a crisis and the media’s a curse I’ll tell you what to do When it goes from bad to worse Call a Marine Instead of 911They’re built to improvise, adapt and overcome When you’re in knee deep and you’re up shit’s creek And you’ve tried everything Tell you what you do Call a Marine! Now if I was Bane on a bridge I just lined with million worth of kaboom, where exactly would I--" " On top of the central tower. Looks like we gotta climb." " Or we can just walk up." At first I though Linda was fucking with me. Y'know that military helicopter GCPD is getting? Just what they need..." " "...where it all happens! I've moved my whacking chamber downstairs." "Your what? Lemme show you some of the stuff Cody and I are working on. Today we celebrate the freedoms and liberty’s that we share in this nation. Little Know Fact: Independence Day Should Have Been July 2 –July 2, 1776 is the day that the Continental Congress actually voted for independence. Its a picture shrine in a bar i visited (just to have a drink, no fancies).

" " I know, that's what I'm heading to Canada for. It didn’t matter what section of the country he was talking about, they were all SH*T to him. Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know the balance is undone.

And I've got friends in the U' K I'm trying to reach. " "Umm...." "So what Adam, is this what you've been skipping school over? Foreign policy, politics, health care, highways, transportation; travel, nothing could soothe this guys lust for slandering everything this country had given him. -crazy ions-You can feel it out in traffic; everyone hates everyone!

Got a friend up north in Canada I need to talk to about this. They want me to finish the job and find out what he's up to." " You against that monster's army!? The one sided conversation spiraled off into how horrible our country was. Doctors' pills give you brand new ills and the bills bury you like an avalanche. Oh and the tragedies in the nurseries, little kids packin' guns to school. This hostile sun beating down on this massive mess we're in!

In 2 weeks here though I'm off to a pit of a country called Wymarcie." " Wymarcie? " " Remember last year when we got rocked by a terrorist attack? Chéri, that's suicide, you can't do that, not on your own! The incessant spewing about how awful our systems were and how horrible our democracy was. Lawyers haven't been this popular since Robespierre slaughtered half of France!

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