Crossdressed boys dating boys craigslist tennessee dating

Because of the prejudice that still exists in society around crossdressing, most people don’t have any first hand experience.

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You might feel that everything is different, but it is important for both of you that you try to resist those feelings for now.

He needs your understanding and support and in turn, you need the same, I would like to be there for you.

There has been a lot of research that looks at why men sometimes want to crossdress.

To date there isn’t any conclusive evidence, but a lot of the debate looks at the impact of nature and nurture.

Depending on the circumstances in which you have found out, you may be feeling an enormous amount of stress at the moment.

It is important to remember that the man or boy in question is likely to have struggled with this as much as you are now and maybe for much longer.

It is entirely possible for couples to work through and understand these feelings together.

I often work with couples to help them exchange and share feelings, and this can happen together or in separate sessions, with me helping to convey questions and answers between both.

Instead a better approach is to talk through the feelings behind the behaviour, to understand it before you move on to talking about any actions that either of you should take.

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