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- Never forgets about you, remembers your details so you never have to enter again.

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“So it’s also for Asian eating, you know this small bowl where you put your chili paste and other condiments.” The small VARDAGEN bowl is another example of transcultural design.

It’s the right size and shape to be the all-important rice bowl for Asian markets, and it’s just right to be used as a side-salad or cereal bowl in other parts of the world.

You just need to take photos of the inner side of the cup and submit with your personal details such as name, birth date and relationship status.

Based on the symbols in your cup and the details you provide, Gloria and her friends will read your cup and send your fortune telling, directly to your smartphone. - Gloria and her friends are waiting for your cups!

I like the positive readings 👍 I just love the app..

very fun app Update: Still using it, still a fun app, specially when using it for reading coffee cups with friends. It's good also if you want to learn meaning of symbols!!

“We know from all the studies and research we do that people don’t want to buy and throw away things, they want to buy something that lasts,” says Ina.

“So, we chose to work with honest and durable materials that are long-lasting.” VARDAGEN is made from durable and sustainable materials, like glass, porcelain and stainless steel.

Your readings are done before everyone else too.- The unique way to share your readings: Fortune cards!

Create your beautiful fortune cards now and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.- Log in with your Facebook account and receive your readings directly to your email address too.

And thanks to the versatility of the products, the series is uniquely suited to the global market—catering to the needs of eaters living from Hong Kong to New York and everywhere in between.

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