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Supported APs: R700, 7982, 7372/52, 7055, 7782/81, SC-8800 series Guest Access Improvements The Guest Access feature set has been improved to provide more control over deployments and offers enhanced guest pass generation options.

Administrators can apply VLAN, rate limiting, permitted device type and service schedule policies to different users based on their roles within the organization without having to create separate SSIDs for different sets of users Zero-IT for Mobile Devices Enhancement Improved the user experience for Zero-IT installations on Android, ios and Windows Phone clients, and improved the way the Zero-IT package is installed and run on mobile devices Device Registration Enhancement Enhanced BYOD Onboarding Portal options enable the user to customize the onboarding screen to include Guest only, Zero-IT activation only, or both options r and k Support The addition of support for r and k adds two amendments designed to provide faster and more reliable roaming for mobile devices Client Band Balancing Intelligent Band Steering Band Balancing steers clients towards the less-utilized radio band on dualradio APs.

This option is configurable and allows optimal use of Wi-Fi spectrum by load balancing across the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios Walled Garden Enhancement for DNS Entries Added the ability to permit unauthenticated clients to access domains serviced by many IP addresses.

Upgrading to This Version This section lists important notes on upgrading Flex Master, Zone Director and Zone Flex Access Points to this version Zone Director Official 9.8 upgrade paths supported: (9.6 GA) (9.6 MR1) (9.6 MR2) (9.7 GA) (9.8 Beta) If you are running an earlier version, you must first upgrade to version 9.6 or 9.7 before upgrading to Upgrading Zone Director 1100 with Internet Explorer 11 There is a known issue with upgrading/downgrading Zone Director 1100 using IE 11.

If you encounter this issue, you can enable compatibility mode in IE 11 (or use another browser).

This enhancement improves the Hotspot Walled Garden functionality to allow multi-ip domains such as Facebook, Twitter and Google , which can be used to provide authentication with social media accounts Support for Cisco LEAP Authentication Zone Director provides authentication support for LEAP clients on Windows 7 and Juniper Odyssey Access clients on Windows 7 and XP, along with other tested mobile handsets Enhanced Syslog Messages for Firewall Integration With this release, Zone Director will generate syslog messages upon acquisition, update or deletion of IP addresses by wireless stations, allowing station information to be delivered through log messages that can be retrieved by firewalls to implement client-specific security rules Flexible RADIUS MAC Formats Support for up to six MAC address formats for MAC authentication to provide simplified interoperation with various RADIUS vendors.

Page 8 of 18 DHCP Option 82 Sub-Option 151 and 152 Support Zone Director has added support for Cisco specific DHCP option 82 suboptions.

Offloading the Bonjour Gateway service to the AP supports flexible deployment options to support larger and more complex networks with Layer 3 isolation between Zone Director and the Page 7 of 18 access points.

Supported Access Points: R700, R300, 7982, 7372/52, 7055, 7782/81, SC series Role Based Access Control Role Based Access Control allows multiple clients to be able to connect to the same SSID with different access privileges.

Flex Master Official 9.8 upgrade paths supported: If upgrading Zone Director(s) along with Flex Master, you should first perform the upgrade on Flex Master before upgrading Zone Director.

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