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Go to one of those websites that reviews dating sites and you’ll see the same.Average review will be 2 out of 5 stars or something like that. Because people who get married from online dating sites rarely get back online to post happy reviews on websites.Turn on the TV and it’s not about kittens being saved from trees, but drive-by shootings.

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They detected a reduction of nickel-rich rocks between 3.5 and 2.25 billion years ago that would have drastically reduced the input of nickel to the ocean.

Nickel is a metal cofactor in enzymes that microbes use for producing methane, so this could have reduced the number of these organisms.

Friends of both genders tell that their experiences have been hard in different ways.

My guy friends (also educated, attractive) complain that they get no responses and female acquaintences tell me that they get so many emails, etc, that they don’t know where to start-and often do nothing.

They don’t have time to “date around” several times a week.(actually neither would I). Women, being more vulnerable than men, are more hesitant to date online, so you get a situation where there’s a lot more men than women.

Aside from my own luck and the trendy radio ads and sexy commercials, it seems as if no one’s happy.’The variation in titanium isotopes as igneous rocks differentiate is quite spectacular, so it’s a great idea to use the titanium isotopes in sedimentary rocks to tell us the average differentiation of the Earth’s crust,’ says geochemist Roberta Rudnick of the University of California, Santa Barbara in the US.She is troubled, however, by the amount of scatter in the data, and wants to see more detailed study of highly weathered rocks to determine whether titanium isotopes are immune to isotopic fractionation over time.Dear Geoff, Glad to hear you found someone special, and even happier that you spoke up.Most of the people that write about online dating write about what’s wrong with it. I mean, that’s what news is – emphasize the bad, misery loves company, etc.I just urge people to find some healthier perspective on the whole thing.

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