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The aircraft lost height, the crew attempted an emergency landing outside the aerodrome. Two crew received injuries and were taken to hospitals.

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The crew feathered the propeller, the aircraft however began to lose speed and height.

The crew therefore decided to put the aircraft down in a field in sight, the aircraft contacted the field's fence, during contact with the ground both propellers and other parts of the aircraft detached, the aircraft came to a stop 1.37nm from the end of runway 22.

As to climb gradient off a 1,500' MSL airport , excellent at 25,000 lbs, adequate at 27,000 lbs depending on temp and obstacles, marginal above 29,000 lbs. It would be interesting to know the actual weight of the accident aircraft. I would go back to her in a second if the jobs still existed. I flew DC-3's for a living for 10 years(87-97), and still fly them at air shows, I have a deep and abiding love for this airframe. Even known that a DC-3 can fly on one engine, any engine failure during takeoff is extremely dangerous cause the sudden loss of thrust on one engine can disrupt the balance of the aircraft and easily lead to a catastrophic stall.

The drag from a missing piece of cowling can be substantial. this crew did an awesome job in an untenable situation, going single engine just after takeoff in the Douglas if you are heavy and it's hot, and at a high altitude, well your climb performance is going to be nil, at that juncture you are going to be looking for a smooth stretch to pancake, and it appears the crew did just that. Some pilots cannot even handle an engine failure during takeoff in a modern airliner so imagine how it is in a 72 year old DC-3.

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i've seen b17 with no vertical stabilizer,with one horizontal stabilizer "blown" off, more holes in the fuselage and wings than in a slice of swiss cheeseand 3 engines shut down (or still on fire)comparison to todays a/c.

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