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On June 7, Pitman signed the warrant; two days later the agents came calling.Perez didn't hear Britt and the others arrive (eight officers in all, he recalls), although the commotion roused his housemate Lee Atterberry from his bedroom in the far corner of the house.

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Britt ran a utilities check and confirmed that Perez's name was on the Austin Energy account for the house on Scenic Brook Drive.

That was the extent of the official investigation; using just this basic information, Britt drafted a warrant, attesting that because "famcple" -- that is, presumably, Mr.

A brace of law enforcement officers -- FBI agents, accompanied by investigators with the Texas attorney general's Cyber Crimes Unit -- was demanding entry.

By the end of that morning, Perez's academic ambitions were finished, and by December of the following year, Javier Perez (known to his friends as "Jerry") was headed to a federal penitentiary in Louisiana to serve a 57-month sentence for possession of child pornography.

Rob Ram" and that, at the time the ballerina video was transmitted, "famcple" had been online using an Internet protocol address owned by Time Warner Cable.

The New York agents subpoenaed Time Warner seeking subscriber-billing information associated with that specific IP address.

And he certainly did not know that the laws governing Internet usage, pornography, and even search warrants -- and more importantly, the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful search and seizure -- could be so easily manipulated in order to achieve "cyberporn" prosecutions and convictions.

Perez was sound asleep when the officers arrived, bearing a warrant signed by federal Magistrate Judge Robert Pitman.

On June 9, 2004, Javier Perez's dream of becoming a college math professor came to an abrupt end.

Just after 6am, Perez's housemate was jarred from sleep by pounding at the front door of the Oak Hill house they shared with one other roommate.

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