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Ann Rule: I'm glad you liked the updates on my web page. The investigation of the scene may well have been bungled. I think evidence might have been lost in the Mc Donald case, or more likely, contaminated. do you think you'll ever write anything about Jon Benet Ramsey? Ann Rule: I will write a Green River book--but only when someone has been convicted.Question: Ann: Do you think a Green River conviction will ever happen?

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Ann Rule: I love the San Juans, and there are a couple of cases up there that I'm looking at. Question: Ann, what did you feel when Bundy was executed?

Ann Rule: I felt sick when Ted was executed - but I would not have stopped it if I could.

Ann Rule: Most serial killers are smart, because the dumb guys with the same impulses get caught early on. Question: Ann: Are there any murder cases that you know of where the Internet played a key role?

Ann Rule: Yes, I'm working on a book about murder where the Internet had a part.

" Ann Rule: Sara Gordon and her three boys are fine. The good in humanity always comes out wayyyyy ahead!

Question: Ann, do you plan more books about true crimes in the South? Ann Rule: I hope to see Georgia again one day, yes. I'd be interested to know if you know how the surviving children of Diane Downs are doing? Ann Rule: Diane's kids are doing great, but they're Fred and Joanne Hugi's kids now. Danny started college this year and is on the swim team, despite being a paraplegic from where his mother shot him.

Do you ever go out of the northwest for book signing tours, if so, when is your next one scheduled? This year, I've been to California, Oregon, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago. Ann Rule: Yes, I was in Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria - several times.

Question: Have you ever gotten an answer to your quest for "Why" that ever made sense to you?

Ann Rule: Well, I have three books to write this year. Question: I am currently reading the Ted Bundy story Ann Rule: The Ted Bundy book, "Stranger Beside Me," has been updated - in 1989 it has 100 more pages than when I first wrote it, BTW. Garrison Keilor and ALL biographies, and I love medical books of miraculous cures! Question: I wondered if you have studied psychology...because part of the attraction of your books, is the depth to which you 'study' the people involved...

Question: Hello Ann..happy to hear you have another book for me to read! I don't want readers to know the ending when they begin the book!

Ann Rule: I write about murder because I too cannot imagine how people could be so cruel - and I want to find out WHY? Question: Ann: Some commentators say that Aileen Wuornos was the first female serial killer. Ann Rule: I think Aileen Wuornos is the ONLY female I've ever researched who may well be a true serial killer.

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