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I am looking for an attorney to file "class action" against these con artists!!!Hi, in future go inside the gas station and tell them exactly how much gas you want. When you do it at the pump they usually will pend between -0 depending on gas station.Ninety percent of us have them and use them and that is why we tell people about them. Having to wait 3 business days to even hear about when your pay will be available? Hi there - hopefully I can clear things up regarding why you couldn't use your card while traveling.

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Have you ever purchased a service from a company only to have them take more than they are owed and then claim insuffiencent funds when in fact there was more than enough money in your account? Be glad at least Blue Bird does not just let them run off with your funds. I understand how frustrated you are, but I personally been to gas stations that automatically take n hold 80.00 or more against your cc to make sure they get their money, it is extremely annoying because you can have 1k on it but the gas stations put 80.00 against your card when u only bought 20.00 in gas, it's not the cc's fault, it's just random gas stations that do it.

They don't tell you they do it either, trial n error on where to get gas from.

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They put a hold on there so you don't pump gas and then not have enough credit on there to pay for it. The first time this happened to me Bluebird was nice enough to give me a free $50 credit.

So why dont you get a clue before you go screaming. If you had any money held by Blue Bird, it is probably because you have dealt unknowningly with such a company. They're doing it to protect themselves and in away protect you.It's not American Express that puts the hold on the money, it is the gas station.Where I live there is a sign on the pump that states of you use a prepaid card to pay at the pump they will issue a 0 dollar hold on your funds.The ONLY complaint I would have is I wish there was an atm from the company that would not charge me to use the atm near me the closet one is all the way in hoover which is a 30-45 min drive other than that i have no complaints. This is another scam on people who are less thatn a millionare these days once again!!If you don't have money Bluebird (AKA Bernie Madoff) will take what little you do have!!This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. I purchased the Bluebird Card from Walmart to try it out.

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