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It’s crass, but extremely well-written and it doesn’t pander to the mainstream television audience by diluting itself. They were then actually ballsy enough to try and sell it to networks by demanding positions as executive producers, head writers, and starring actors. Bring the show over and they will be happy to kick down.

When you watch it, you can sense that it is the result of an original idea followed through to the end with little or no corporate intervention and restrictions. It worked out and was so well received that Danny Devito actually returned to television just to be part of the cast. The program has actually been Monster Fresh tested and approved to heighten the effects of chronic herbs. Sorry kids, but remember there are always knife hits.

You’ve even pulled off some pretty bold moves, as in making Frank Charlie’s Dad and killing off Dennis and Dee’s mom, without missing a beat.

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You know that show that you love so much that you can’t believe that it actually made it onto the airwaves?

The one that isn’t even on a paychannel, Comedy Central, or Adult Swim. The FX Network program’s pilot was originally shot as a short film by 3 struggling actors in LA for no more than the price of the DV tape.

You know, maybe something involving I know that the cast resides in L. but how much of the program is, or has been, filmed in Philadelphia beyond the opening credits?

Do you take any specific measures to include or exclude anything that would disrupt the impression that it takes place in the city?

You can usually tell they’re the latter if they look This hands on advertisement seems fairly innovative and personable and the concepts for the contests that have been set up to promote the show have seemed fitting as well, but have you had any suggestions thrown at you guys that you had to turn down flat for one reason or another?

Anything along the lines of “It’s Always Sunny” We tried to do any advertisement they asked us to do this year. One guy did come to us with the idea of making Sunny pizza boxes and giving them to pizza places in college town but the Network didn’t go for it.

The Haley Joel Osment thing is crazy, one time we got off a plane in Philly and some woman cornered Rob insisting he was Haley.

He denied it, but Glenn, Kaitlin, Mary Elizabeth, and myself confirmed the woman’s suspicions.

Charlie Day is currently doing interview rounds for the upcoming R-rated comedy Fist Fight set for release in the States this Friday, and naturally the actor is being lobbed questions pertaining to his involvement in the much anticipated sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising.

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