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No, these people of all ages, races, genders and various states of undress gathered for an event called Amber Rose’s Slut Walk.And I, goody-two-shoes wife and churchgoer — was a proud supporter.The stigma around my sexual choice was never used as a reason to treat me poorly, disrespect me in relationships, or invite unwanted physical attention.

If that sounds in any way surprising or deviant — as I am sure it does to many — you probably don’t know what a Slut Walk actually is.

In 2011, a Toronto police officer was speaking at a university on the topic of campus rape when he said the following: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” The implication that women are responsible for or deserving of their own assault because of how they dressed or were perceived by men outraged many, including Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis.

For those who don’t know, Rose was first introduced to the mainstream in 2008 as Kanye West’s strikingly beautiful girlfriend; an enigma with an hourglass figure, sunglasses and a signature blonde, nearly bald hairstyle.

The video vixen and former stripper went on to marry and divorce rapper Wiz Khalifa, have an adorable child, and parlay her exposure into her own unique pop-culture brand. Which mean that among my friends, I was the odd one out.

But her journey hasn’t been without a hefty helping of public shaming, as she referenced during a heartfelt and tear-filled speech on Saturday. I didn’t curse, didn’t drink, didn’t go clubbing and, the biggie: I didn’t have sex.

Rose told the Slut Walk crowd about having been “slut-shamed” since she was 14 years old. A model who not only didn’t lose her baby weight but also does not care? Rose made a decision early on that she was going to be all of the things, unapologetically and at the same time. Rose, despite the fact that at first glance, she and I couldn’t be more different. C.: a pastor’s kid; the church-on-Sunday, prayer-on-Tuesday, choir-rehearsal-on-Thursday kind of kid. I was the princess of purity and had a chastity ring given to me by my parents to prove it. Fortunately I didn’t have the chronic disease of social awkwardness or obnoxiousness that a lot of super religious kids suffer from, so my peers weren’t particularly bothered by my lifestyle choices. Celibacy still worked for me then and was a choice that I continued to make, much to my friends’ surprise.

For the Dalai Lama and other religious practitioners like priests and nuns, the solution seems to be to avoid such disturbing drama altogether by being celibate.

But obviously, this is no prescription for humanity in general. Simplicity and the avoidance or renunciation of what Buddha called , desire or attachment, the root of most human suffering.

But then whole picture —I often used to telling one occasion in England, some Buddhist monk. I told them, when we watch the people who have family, sometimes I notice my first visit, another woman, another wife. Compare that with celibate people sort of mind more steady. MORGAN: Do you ever feel temptation when you see a woman? Well, as the saying goes, it is when it's done right.

If you just, you see, physically experience, then you sometimes—you may find a certain desire. And I told the married people, their mental state, their emotional state, too much ups and downs. But then thinking—thinking it's a real job, then feel, too much problem— (LAUGHTER) DALAI LAMA: Too much dirty things like that. Does the 14th Dalai Lama really think sex is "dirty"?

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