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When the Japanese soldier got her attention he pointed to himself and made a catholic cross sign to let her know that he also was a Christian.

Meity understood him and made also her catholic cross sign.

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We were standing there and we could not help, because the other guards were pointing their riffles at us.

This young mother recover, but she did not go outside anymore and only spoke with her two children.

A prime exchange spot was, gruesomely enough, the camp mortuary called Kuburan, a structure located between the two camps.

Following the death of a person, we were permitted to come to view the body for the last time and at the same time letters were exchanged. But we had to watch out for a Korean guard, which was given the nickname the Cyclops.

“Airing this content thus can encourage children to learn and/or justify inappropriate behaviour such as common in everyday life.” The KPI issued a similar directive on February 18 asking broadcasters not to ‘promote’ LGBT practice or behaviour.

It defined promotion as “the title/theme, storyline, presenters and panelists containing the message that homosexuality is normal.” The KPI’s is the latest directive is just the latest move against LGBT rights in the Muslim-majority country.

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Just last week, the country’s leading mental health authority says they believe homosexuality should not be left ‘untreated’.

Indonesia’s leading psychiatric body has classified homosexuality and gender dysphoria as mental disorders – saying they believe the ‘conditions’ can be cured with ‘proper treatment’.

Once in Bangkinang this Japanese guard approached her, gave her a package and indicated her to hide it under her close.

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