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“This brilliant, thoughtful, and compelling investigation of young womanhood commands the reader’s attention from beginning to end.” — Booklist (starred review) “Gives a generation of tweeting young women some thoughtful and well-researched advice about how to conduct their digital lives . It’s a big, important question, and Tanenbaum is up to the task of exploring it.” — Book Riot “A significant, spirited analysis sure to be embraced by feminists and deserving of wide attention.” — Kirkus Reviews “Timely [and] provocative.” — Publishers Weekly “Sure to be widely embraced by those interested in gender and sexual inequalities.” — Library Journal “This thoroughly researched, galvanizing book will serve as a crucial tool for young women and their families. and offers them a guide to make it safely to shore.” — Rebecca Traister, author of Big Girls Don't Cry “I recommend this book to anyone who cares about girls and young women and wants to understand the heartbreaking challenges they face as they grow into their sexuality.” — Aisha Tyler, Comedian, Actress, Author “Profoundly eye-opening book about the dangerous world young women are forced to negotiate and the blind-eye all too often turned toward it by their peers, adults, and even the media. Tanenbaum’s empathetic look at how today’s expectations of performative identity can undermine real, healthy sexuality is heartbreaking.

Tanenbaum navigates the perilous waters young women are swimming . It should be required reading.” — Elissa Schappell, author of Blueprints for Building Better Girls “Absolutely crucial read .

Young women are encouraged to express themselves sexually.

It was our second night in Paksong, Laos’ coffee capital, which rests in the middle of the high Bolevan Plateau and makes a convenient base for exploring the many waterfalls and villages in the area.

We’d planned on reaching distant Attapeu by nightfall, but had spent too much time wandering about searching for waterfalls and hiding from rainstorms, so we’d decided to return to the Green Guesthouse for another night and start early the following day.

They charge a TON for anything you order (or don’t order). Reply In San Francisco there is this bar in North Beach, right across from Zoetrope Studios, and it’s has this big sign that says “Where Good Friends and Girls Meet” and I’ve heard that this place is also a karaoke/brothel bar.

Anyway, I would have liked to sit back down and get our money’s worth but the girls wanted to leave (for obvious reasons).

It was like watching American Bandstand in the 50′s, played at half-speed. The song would start and the crowd would rush onto the floor and shuffle about, circling a large support beam in the middle.

After about a minute, they would all head back to their tables together –well before the song ended– and resume drinking.I didn’t know the words either, thankfully, and left him to his fate.The performance consisted of him singing the chorus and then saying over and over “I no speak English good but this song for my friend.” I don’t think it had the intended romantic effect, as Christina turned down his next dance request. ” Both of these are, of course, major centers for the sex trade. Why are you traveling to Laos for prostitutes when Thailand has so many? As a crazy expat I’d met in Cambodia once told me, “Whores are a lot cheaper here.”Great writing. In Malaysia, fyi, the buzzword is foot reflexology.When Stu and I went outside to have a smoke, we found a half-dozen Thai businessmen standing around in the parking lot. And the girls, it is reported, at least, are always Chinese. Myself, another guy, and 2 girls went into this bar and the first thing we noticed was that there was literally not a SINGLE guy in the place.As we lit our cigarettes, another handful walked out of a side door, each with a young woman on his arm. One of the Thais started asking me the usual travel questions and we talked for several minutes as his buddies piled into the bus. Have you ever wandered into (or past) those beer brothels they have in Laos? Reply How is it that you so consistently end up in such seedy establishments? That should have been a tip off, but we were all pretty naive.A minibus was parked in front, but we saw no sign of the passengers.

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