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The pair are growing fast; it's amazing to see the change in just a short time.We're keeping an eye on that third egg like many of you.There's no doubt that the nest is a little food stressed as many of you have pointed out in emails about observations.

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Intial exam was very positive and follow up even more so.

Its wings are intact (radiology confirmed) and doesn't look like it suffered any trauma. As you can imagine, we got bombarded with emails, calls, Tweets, etc., and appreciate everyone's concern.

Lots of concern recently, especially over the weekend, about the state of affairs on the nest, with many wondering if we were at the beginning stages of a repeat of last year's debacle with the female.

So far, even the most ardent watchers from then would have to admit that though there has been some attacks by the female on the young, it hasn't been as bad as 2014 and we hope that it remains that way through the next couple of weeks as the young begin to fledge.

We did the best we could to keep you informed while also rescuing and transporting, so apologies if answers to emails and questions didn't come as fast as you would have liked.

Special thanks to two colleagues here at WHOI who stepped up and helped in posting to the site and helping coordinate the delivery to Cape Wildlife and big thanks to Jazzel, our local resident and helper, who provided the crate and plowed with us through thickets, brambles, briars and ticks to get to it. Visit here and Twitter tomorrow for more updates and answers to questions from today.We had some nasty weather up here the past few days with rain, wind and temps more suited for March or early April, but it looks like we've made it through that spell and our two new residents don't seem to have suffered much wear.Mom was spotted protecting them - which considering our past experiences - is a great sign!We've received lots of questions today about whether the remaining juvenile is being fed.While we maintain the cam, we're not monitoring it as much as you may think since we're going about our "day jobs" and may miss some events but there are people who are keeping a close eye out and have great specific details of the nest activity. From what we've been told, reviews of videos and live observing by the folks at the Window on Wildlife discussion board confirmed that there were fish brought in both last night and this morning and that the young bird ate for some time. In addition, the male has been sighted in the area and on the nest - that we can confirm ourselves - but again there are much more observations and thoughts on that board and others if you're interested.Wrapping up an eventful and tiring day here - we'll post more details tomorrow and a few pictures but wanted to give a quick update.

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