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Shaving is just a boring little task to me that I am too lazy/busy to do myself. Source: Shutter Stock No one can argue that waxing is as inexpensive as shaving.

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Brasilian dating

This means that not only are you more likely to contract an STD or STI, it also means you can get other bacterial infections.

And if you're going to a waxer who isn't doing a great job, waxing can even remove tiny bits of a layer of skin, which makes you even more susceptible to infection.

Source: Shutter Stock But hold on: waxing isn't painless either.

Although it's not likely to happen if you're going to a good waxer, it's still possible to get burns from very hot wax.

That means that you'll have to deal with a little bit of hair (at least 1/4 inch of hair is needed for waxing) for at least five days before a wax.

I wanted to start getting my legs waxed until I realized they wouldn't always be totally smooth and hairless.Source: Shutter Stock A nice thing about waxing is that you don't have to worry about cutting yourself with a razor, something I almost never fail to do.You also don't need to deal with annoying and painful razor burn.Source: Shutter Stock One big negative of waxing (especially if you hate body hair)?You have to let the hair grow out a little bit so that there's something for the wax to hold onto.Sure, shaving can cause this also, but it's a little more frustrating with waxing since you're paying more for it.

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