vit nam dating site - Bluetack lists not updating

In past versions of Transmission, this was enough; you only needed to update the blocklist, and you were done.

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Once Transmission is running, navigate to the Preferences area. You’ll see the blocklist information, turned off by default, at the top of this tab.

To enable the use of a blocklist, make sure the Enable Blocklist checkbox is ticked.

Transmission has a built-in IP blocklist for what are determined to be “bad peers” and it should be enabled if you use Transmission with any sort of regularity.

The blocklist helps to insure a better experience with torrents and also helps to protect your privacy.

At best they are a nuisance, at worst they are dangerous.

A few months back I encountered a serious problem when I asked a user to download the Cyber Duck FTP program: I had ublock on and did not realise that on the ‘raw’ version of the page, there was an ad which simply said ‘DOWNLOAD’.

In fact, until recently, the process was as simple as clicking a checkbox to enable the feature.

But with the last couple versions, the Transmission developers have removed the built-in blocklist.

A good place to find lists of all types is the I-Blocklist lists page.

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