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His series went through a number of name changes until the name Little Blue Books was settled on in late 1923.In their 1970 article "The Haldeman-Julius 'Little Blue Books' as a Bibliographical Problem" Richard Colles Johnson and G.For example, many title pages label the book as a Ten Cent Pocket Series while the wrapper is of the Little Blue Book series and clearly from twenty years or more after the Ten Cent Pocket Series was discontinued.

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Paul is making some serious assumptions about what is true. Believing lies about ourselves have become our truth. Then I pray (talk to God), meditate (listen to God) and write. Let me tell you, my prayers are sometimes with joy or tears.

You see, Paul is doing what he always does - pointing us to God. During this study, I read the daily verse as if seeing it for the first time with a blank slate - tabula rasa.

Most books were reprinted many times from the same setting of type with few or no changes to the text.

In many cases the name of the series on the title page was not changed even though that series was no longer issued.

What follows is an attempt to provide some guidelines for dating a particular book, in most cases by examination of the wrapper.

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius began issuing "pocket books" in 1919.

The Ten Cent Pocket Series wrappers all have the same front but there are three possibilities for the back. Books with advertisements for two Haldeman-Julius publications came next.

Those with three advertisements were the last in the series.

By Jake Gibbs Determining when a particular copy of a Haldeman-Julius pocket book was published can be difficult.

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