Bi phone hookup

Center Channel is generally placed on top of, or very close to the TV and must therefore be shielded.Surround speakers are placed much further away and do not need to be shielded.Center Channel provides on-screen dialogue, center image of the musical soundtrack, and transition sound effects.

Both bi-wiring and bi-amping is covered in detail in the owners manual of Paradigm® models that have this option.

Paradigm speakers are designed with low-diffraction grills that minimize interference from enclosure edges.

We therefore recommend not using both the "A" and "B" outputs for bi-wiring.

Every Paradigm speaker produced has always been designed for superior sonic accuracy.

We highly recommend use of a qualified contractor to ensure that the installation is secure.

Although Paradigm speakers sound great right out of the carton, they will sound even better once they are broken-in.

Different amplifiers often have different internal gain; with the same input signal, the amplifier with higher gain will play louder.

When passive bi-amping, this higher gain will result in a frequency imbalance.

Their wide-bandwidth ensures optimum timbre-matched performance with front speakers.

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