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He goes on to say he felt he had to suppress these feelings because he thought they would be a danger to his family.

Thus the play is about grief, loss and what you do with those feelings when they overwhelm you.

The extended cut gives this big-hearted musical more space for misfit Jud Fry, giving the show both greater depth and discomfort.

He has captured that elusive combination of interest and objectivity medics seem to cultivate.

Belinda Lang makes Stephanie so real you feel her loss, anger and pain.

The production of Tennessee Williams’ play marks Hodges’ directorial debut with the theatre, which he leads artistically.

Hodges said: “I am thrilled that my Nuffield debut as a director will be the masterpiece The Glass Menagerie.

Ok, she can’t play any more, but she will teach, she will work as her husband’s secretary. But straight away, Dr Feldmann punches into her bubble of confidence and asks her if she ever feels suicidal.

Over their successive meetings, we then see her go through the stages of grief: denial, anger, despair (indicated by trackie bottoms and trainers - unless you are doing the cleaning that does mean you have given up) and finally a relaxed acceptance. Oliver Cotton is perfection as the distant doctor steering his patient along a particular path.Based on the life of world renowned musician Jacqueline Du Pré, Duet For One had great success in West End and Broadway runs, with the film adaptation released in 1986, saw Julie Andrews nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress.He says a series of unfortunate events, from The Second World War, which ended when he was aged seven, separations, deaths and evacuation left him with depression, rage and anxiety.Nathaniel Hackmann’s Curly was the king of an impeccable cast, though Belinda Lang’s sassy Aunt Eller and Marcus Brigstocke’s not- the-least-bit Persian Ali Hakim also made their mark.What was most striking though, among the gingham and buggy-rides, barn-dances and baked goods, was the darkness.★★★★☆How do you keep living when the one thing you lived for is gone?

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