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Rita Tanner (née Littlewood, previously Fairclough and Sullivan) is a long-standing Coronation Street resident and the owner/co-owner of newsagents shop The Kabin. She entered the Rovers Return where she and Dennis, who had also been working the clubs, recognised each other.

Rita was first seen in 1964 when she was working as a nightclub singer.

In 1973, Len bought The Kabin, and installed Rita as manageress with the offer of the flat above it though she sometimes continued to sing, having been in the business since she was five when her mother entered her in a talent contest in Blackpool.

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Sharon enjoyed helping Len with the rebuild of No.7, as well as flirting with Brian Tilsley, to which both Rita and Brian's wife Gail didn't approve.

However, Sharon stayed away from Brian after he told her that she was young and stupid.

In 2012, she married for the third time to Dennis Tanner on 4th June.

She had known Dennis on and off throughout her life. From 1973 to 2009, Rita ran the newsagents, working first with Mavis Riley as assistant, establishing a years-long friendship, and later Norris Cole, who bought half of the shop from Rita in 2006 and the rest in 2009, when Rita sold her remaining share after deciding to retire.

When her marriage ended in violence, Rita leaned on Len and took a job singing in a nightclub. Fiery Rita and stubborn Len faced a number of obstacles as well as breakups and makeups before finally marrying on 20th April 1977 after a five year on-off relationship.

They'd already had one engagement in 1974, but broke it off.Len's reluctance to commit to Rita was an obstacle in their relationship but after a broken engagement they married in 1977, living together at 9 Coronation Street.Although their marriage had many ups and downs, Rita loved Len and was devastated when he died in a motorway accident in 1983, with Rita learning after his death that he had been cheating on her.It was several months later, after Rita had left the Street, that Len, out for a night with Elsie and Alan Howard, saw Rita singing in a nightclub.This was the start of an on-off relationship which was to accumulate into a stormy eleven year relationship.She tracked down the woman she was looking for - Marjorie Proctor - and the two mourned together.

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