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As we'll see, only a few short lines of code are needed to both generate the signature on the page generating the hyperlink and validating the signature on the "receiving" page. When creating web pages that accept user-defined inputs, be it through the querystring or a form, you should always do validation on the provided values.For example, if you have a site that has a page called , and only certain users can see certain products, it's imperative that in the web page's source code you always verify that the current user has permission to view the requested product.

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An upcoming article will discuss are more generalized approach for creating truly tamper-proof URLs, ones that do not require the receiving and sending page to agree upon the set of tamper-proof querystring parameters.

One of the unique challenges of building Web applications lies in way by which a Web application can be "invoked" by an end user.

Here we have a sort of chicken and egg problem: if we make allow anyone access to visit , but ensure that users can only view the page they were granted through the use of a tamper-proof URL.

Another use for tamper-proof URLs is to limit the duration a particular resource can be accessed.

Form value was detected from the client" To avoid XSS attacks, ASP.

NET's default behaviour is to throw a lovely yellow screen of death with that message.

My old friend the is perfect for this; it centralises input clean up by plugging into the request pipeline, and can swapped for a different module later if the screening rules change.

My application just receives screened input without knowing how, where or why the screening was done.

If the two signatures match, then the querystring parameters have not been modified.

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