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eyewitnesses say they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

"They were making out all night," says a spy, who spotted the couple partying with the rest of the "Revenge" cast at a private table at Paris hotspot Rasputin.

And if I love a person, I’m not going to be ashamed and hide it.” Josh and I keep it all very separate.

This is especially prominent with pairings that contain James and Riley.

Pairings are usually referred to with portmanteau names that combine the names of the characters involved and, less commonly, a "/" between the names of the characters involved.

There are pairings that are also formerly canon, meaning that they once were canon but broke up or ended their relationship.

Other pairings are "non-canon," meaning that these pairings are not officially together on the show.

Non-canon pairings can range from "baited"—the couple may eventually become official, or there are scenes that suggest they are an official couple—to "crack ships"—a non-canon pairing that is exceptionally outlandish and will likely never become official.

Pairings are often the source of passionate debate within the fandom, in which different Steppers vie for their pairings and sometimes claim theirs to be the one that is superior.

Intensely do not want to create for my future wife i like doing interesting and fun things, but the bulk of your music.

Check on your home and office at any time to get back to basics with the other cast members that has actually.

"They were acting very lovey-dovey and kissing the entire night." Fans of Van Camp from days before she played woman hellbent on delivering her own brand of justice, might know that she has bit of a habit of falling for a costar or two.

The 25-year-old Canadian actress previously dated her "Brothers & Sister" costar and on-screen boyfriend, Dave Annabel, and she had a relationship with her "Everwood" costar Chris Pratt.

Actors falling for one another on set seems to be a great way to find a significant other, unless of course it doesn't work out.

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