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In Jordan, like in most Arab countries, the state issues its citizens a national identification card that is based on place of birth and family or clan affiliation.

But since abandoned children are of unknown origin, they are issued dubious documents.

“Their national ID number begins with zero zero zero, which makes them stand out, and even the police usually aren’t familiar with it, so often the police accuse them of carrying a counterfeit document and they can’t access government services like health care or education, or even get a job,” said Shafakoj, noting that this problem occurs in other Arab countries as well.

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“In other words, the Internet, with social media at its forefront, is increasingly part of the daily reality of the everyday Arab citizen—and the conversation on it has a strong liberal flavor,” Benchemsi writes.

Benchemsi also cites studies that are starting to look at how Arab youth are transitioning these conversations from cyber space into real life.

Mohammed is part of a larger trend among Arab youth today who are crossing red lines and changing their cultural landscape.

In Mohammed’s case, the Internet has been the main catalyst for initiating a conversation among a widening circle of Arab youth.

In a recent piece by Ahmed Benchemsi, the author argues that liberal values have continued to spread in the region since the “Arab Spring,” despite the uprisings’ apparent failures.

The Internet is the principal facilitator of this, with a growing presence of groups like Arab atheists and gay rights advocates.

Anonymous and exiled, their new life takes unexpected turns and requires new boundaries.

A young unmarried couple cohabitates because they are unable to produce the required documents to marry in a Lebanese court, having left their personal belongings in Syria when they fled in a hurry.

Some responded, sending him the nuts and bolts of Darwin’s work. I started walking around like a crazy person, disheveled, unshaven, and confused,” he said by Skype from his home in a small town by the Red Sea.

Shortly after this, he lost his faith in God, and came out to his loved ones as an atheist.

They are the responsibility of the authorities, and although adoption is illegal, guardianship is encouraged.

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