Antonio banderas daughter dating

On the topic of Antonio Banderas death, the actor was recently a victim of yet another internet death hoax.

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Antonio has his cheating allegations and Melanie had her drug addiction and alcoholism. This is officially Griffith’s fourth divorce and Banderas’ second.

Antonio and Melanie have a daughter and as earlier mentioned her name is Stella del Carmen Banderas and she was born on 24 September 1996.

The pair was photographed running errands before the two embarked upon a little mother-daughter Christmas shopping, enjoying a low-key outing together before the holiday officially begins.

Griffith and her daughter were both dressed warm for the chilly weather.

She is a model and an actress and some of them may remember her work in the movie “Crazy in Alabama”, “Banzai” and some others.

As expected, she was quite devastated by her parent’s divorce.

The first lady to bear the title Antonio Banderas wife was Ana Leza and they were married from 1987-1996.

Antonio Banderas Wife; Ana Leza His first marriage was certainly not as high-profile as the last one, but Anna Leza was kind of a big deal.

Prior to that, they dated for five months and their marriage lasted a whole 8 years, we have to admit that they were together for quite a long time.

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