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I think it feels good to get it out, discard it and move on. I’d sort of been through most of that stuff before I wrote the book but, yeah, it didn’t hurt.” “Flea has never read the book, which is fine.

But there was an incorrect quote in Q Magazine where it talks about me having sex with his sister. He opened the magazine and said, ‘I never said that, why would I say that?

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It takes a concerted effort to take a look at that and see if that’s really what you want. I think that kind of lifestyle ends up being quite lonely in the end.

I certainly don’t regret having done it, though, because I’ve been blessed with a lot of beautiful experiences in relationships that – for better or worse – were all necessary at the time for me to get where I was going.” “The first night we played, we really intended to only be a band for one night.

We were provocative, anti-establishment and didn’t see ourselves as ‘serious’ musicians, writing ‘serious’ songs for ‘serious’ listeners.

We wanted to tickle people’s ear tonsils with cosmic, psychedelic funk until they couldn’t stand it.

Do people get rich and, somehow, that isolates from the more colourful experiences that once inspired them.

I look at someone like Paul Mc Cartney, someone who has written greater songs than I could ever hope to write, but he’s not writing songs today that are as good as the songs he wrote in his heyday – no disrespect. It’s not an insult – but how can you stay in touch with the colour of life when you’re that much in your own bubble.We played Out In La in a one-song set but the minute we finished it, we re-evaluated and said, ‘Let’s do that again’.So we wrote another song and played a two-song set the next week.I can’t remember if the next song was Get Up And Jump, Sex Rap or Green Heaven.From that point forward we never saw an end in sight.Anthony Kiedis, 53, has been the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers since he and the band’s bassist Flea formed the group in 1983.

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