Anniversary dating poems

I shall value the consultations and decisions that we make as husband and wife.As head of the family I shall do nothing to derail our love train for anything else least of all for personal and selfish reasons.Since you are mine I shall not do anything else to undermine our relationship for personal or egotistical reasons.

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Indeed l shall treat you with the distinction and dignity that is befitting of the queen of my heart.

That body, that bone, that breath shall be my mine to treasure, for sure; a dearness to promote and protect for dear life…and love!

This marriage-with our mutual commitment – will transform naivety into maturity troubles into challenges pretence into practice pride into progress bachelorship into companionship.

I pledge to be your steward and partner for all times.

Indeed l am well aware of the fact that the beauty of this pledge does not only lie in word alone but in action as well.

For that reason in every season I shall show steadfast commitment to the implementation of this pledge with a great deal of astuteness.

This marriage- with our mutual commitment- will stand the test of time.

I know very well what I am getting into: I am getting into a relationship that brims over with a transforming power of love.

I therefore commit myself to be your honouring, supportive and loving wife for all the years l shall live with you.

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