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Since 2003, 18,000 women have been killed by their intimate partners, yet domestic violence services, including advocacy for survivors, safe housing, resources to help survivors achieve financial independence, specialized domestic violence law enforcement and prosecution units, and services for perpetrators are all grossly under-funded. Instead, ask her what she needs to be safe and do your best to support her.Until we embrace domestic violence as the public health crisis it is and put our resources there, abuse will continue. Women who are victims of domestic violence are six to eight times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner if there are firearms in the home. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., noted during a 1996 debate over federal legislation, "the only difference between a battered woman and a dead woman is the presence of a gun." * If you see or hear abuse happening, call 911. If you have a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker who is being physically or emotionally terrorized by her intimate partner, reach out. Our good efforts weren't good enough to save Nikki Elias.If we all pull together, perhaps we can save the next wife, mother, sister, brother, daughter or child, and the next.

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Corporations with substantial influence pulled contracts from abusive players.

At last, domestic violence seemed to be impacting the status and pocketbooks of men in a mostly man's realm, the world of professional sports.

" * Some of the worst domestic violence isn't physical; it's verbal, emotional and psychological.

While Nikki reported extensive past physical abuse by Ian, including grabbing, punching and strangulation, more recently Ian terrorized Nikki using social media.

Until men own the fact that, while there are certainly exceptions, domestic violence is primarily perpetrated by men against women and children, abuse will continue.

It was refreshing to finally see men of power and privilege speaking out against abuse in response to recent revelations about domestic violence among high-profile sports figures.

Judges and other legal professionals must be vigilant and educated about the dynamics of domestic violence and about factors known to be linked to high risk and lethal violence in order to recognize it and respond appropriately. Consider the public attention and resources focused on the Ebola outbreak in recent months.

Yet how many Americans have actually died from Ebola?

This supports the abuser's world view, that his abuse is justified.

When a victim of domestic violence stays or returns to her abusive partner, what we should be asking is, "What are the conditions he created to cause her to feel that she has no other safe choice but to stay?

An abuser uses his anger as a tactic to punish, control, terrorize and coerce his partner to achieve specific goals – to shut her up, to isolate her, to prevent her from spending money, to keep her from complaining about his infidelity, to keep her from asserting her independence.

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