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Then, as he approached his truck, De Werth saw that something was in front of him too.Across the clearing, crouched on a hill, was what he thought was a bear, but then it looked at him and stood up. De Werth – a stubbly, brusque guy, now in his late forties – and the creature stared at each other for a moment.However, he encourages his only son, who is 18 years old, to use dolls 'to satisfy his biological needs'.

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After divorcing his wife in 2004, the man raised his son Yang Yang, who was five years old at the time, all by himself.

Li's obsession with silicone dolls started in 2010 during a trip to Beijing.

The man has spent more than 100,000 yuan (£11,600) buying nearly 100 costumes for his seven silicone partners.

He plans to start a business to design and produce fashionable clothes for his dolls, each of which costs at least 10,000 yuan (£1,170).

Otherwise, I could have bring Little Snow to take a set of beautiful snow-themed photos.'After Little Snow, Li carried on buying four more dolls to keep him company.

His son, Yang Yang, who had just been given his first doll, Xiao Ying, as a birthday gift said because of the dolls, his home is no longer quiet.

Li spends a lot of money taking glamour photos for Little Snow, too.

He said to Pear Video: 'It's a shame that it didn't snow this winter.

Li Chen spends every day looking after his seven companions, who are human-size silicone dolls.

The 58-year-old man, from Huishui, China's Guizhou Province, is a 'big fan' of the 'beautiful female figures' and considers them his daughters.

When asked why he likes his dolls, Li said: 'Many people in China call me and other fans of dolls "perverts".

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