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Her characters come complete with distinct personalities and detailed biographies that are as richly conceived as any protagonist on an HBO series.She keeps copies of everything, time-stamps files, and takes screenshots.

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And the section of the Internet populated by terrorists is a lot like the rest of the Internet — only instead of commenting on, say, a video of 1,500 prison inmates performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller," everyone's chatting about the death of Americans.

Rossmiller hopes to find some people discussing an actual upcoming plot and then join the conversation. We come upon a thread in which participants are discussing a Baghdad sniper who has been killing US soldiers. She suspects there isn't a single sniper but rather a cell, and that the thread is designed to create an identity for Juba, a hero who might attract others to the cause.

Counterterrorist Shannen Rossmiller monitors jihadist chatter online.

*Photo: Todd Hido * "Look," Shannen Rossmiller says, pointing at her computer screen.

Rossmiller developed her remarkable talent for chatting up terrorists after September 11, when she started going into online forums and cajoling valuable information from other visitors.

She has passed along numerous case files to federal authorities.

Her information has led US forces abroad to locate Taliban cells in Afghanistan, discover a renegade stinger-missile merchant in Pakistan, and help another foreign government identify a ring of potential suicide bombers.

She has also assisted in nabbing two domestic would-be terrorists and seen them both convicted of felonies: National guardsman Ryan Anderson received five concurrent life sentences, and Michael Reynolds, convicted in July and awaiting sentencing, faces a similar fate.

We're monitoring jihadist chatter, and she has warned me that we're not likely to come across anything too dangerous.

Home-brew cyber-counterterrorism, it turns out, is a lot like most police work — weeks of tedious beat patrols punctuated by occasional bursts of excitement.

Now 38, Rossmiller spends her weekdays in Helena working in the civil litigation department of the attorney general's office. On the weekends, she tracks down killers while relaxing in the bosom of her family.

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