Alison krauss and john waite dating

His hair remains mostly red despite his age, but his goatee has grayed. The price was paid, according to the band, to escape the turbulence of smaller planes.

alison krauss and john waite dating-69

Unfortunately the music in the coffee shop was just loud enough to keep me from effectively intruding . They sat diagonally across what looked like an Iphone and a small blue notebook.

His sunglasses were much larger than what he might have worn in the 70s, more sculpted, more designer.

She was dating an 80s rock star name John Waite, his big hit was “Missing You.” There was one catch in this gossipy scenario.

Being only a table away from Plant and Krauss, I should have had a complete if somewhat strained ear access to their conversation. Glassy mirrored shades lay on the table in front of Plant.

He adjusted the rings slightly as he spoke with Ms.

Krauss, feeling for them with the thumb from his same hand.And this Brit, heavily influenced by the writing of J. Tolkien and the misty Welch countryside, was looking to score another young American chick.When I first looked up from my laptop and saw them one table in front of me, I thought, “What’s that old guy doing with that young woman?The topics I picked up from their conversation included dog walking and Krauss’ girlfriends. Overall, I’d say the rock singer made an impact on Miss Krauss.And at one point Plant used the phrase “also very lucid” in a sentence. I don’t know if it was often that he got to sit and talk to her alone, but he hadn’t wasted this opportunity. But it was Krauss who looked at her watch to ring the bell. “OK, let’s go,” Plant said, springing up from the table. “Thank You,” he said, putting on his shades to avoid the glare of the sunny, brisk late spring afternoon.Sit, stare and listen to the conversation, or give her a minute to be on the phone and hopefully she’ll hang up quickly? He clasped his phone and small notebook and started to get up to go.

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