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The Alaska Natives or indigenous peoples of Alaska tell some great stories about little people, Hairy Man, shape-shifting whales, unexplained lights, mysterious occurrences around sacred burial sites and much more.Those stories are have typically been passed down for generations among tribe members but not often shared between tribes and rarely with non-Natives.

Then he looked down and there was a little man about 3 feet high talking Eskimo.

Saul could understand him and they started talking. They talked about that gun and the little man’s weapon, a bow and arrow.

The versions of these tales heard outside the tribes are Westernized and often sensationalized.

Kawerak Inc., a Native nonprofit, has set up a new program to change that while preserving the stories and investigating their origins. Suddenly he jumped up and began to run toward the high mountains.

“Eight species of birds, ranging in size from small Lapland longspurs and water pipits to common ravens, were observed feeding on the feast, neatly removing and eating the fat-filled abdomens of carpenter ants while leaving behind the head and thorax, with their unpleasant dose of formic acid.”Though larger life forms like the nervous moose in the roadside ditch get all our attention, the real biomass in Alaska is hovering in the air and crawling the tundra and icefields.

In Alaska and elsewhere on the planet, home to about 10 quintillion living insects, most species — including 300,000 types of beetle — wear their skeletons on the outside.

He also quoted other scientists who measured more than 600,000 black fly larvae in about three square feet of streambed.

The floor of the boreal forest is often so alive you can almost see it move.

He had a pointed head, a big nose and pointed ears. Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, social science program director with Kawerak, says the various ‘little people’ stories will be a primary focus since virtually every tribe has them.

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