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9 – A ‘relog’ (logging out of second Life and then back in again) will fix any griefing problems.

If you are being griefed somewhere (such as a sandbox) and relogging only sends you right back there, then when you fire up your Second Life viewer, open up the Edit Preferences menu (top left) before you log in, and under the ‘General’ tab, check ‘Show Start Location on Login Screen’.

Having a male shape will enable you to get through those first few hours without feeling hassled.

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‘Home’ will always log you in at your home location, ‘My Last Location’ will always log you in where you last logged out, and will log you in at the centre of the region/sim you choose.

If you’re using Viewer 2 (or a third party viewer based on it) then you also can set your Preferences to allow you to log in at any of the landmarks you have on your Favourites Bar.

When you login, you’ll be at whatever location you chose.

Please remember, this setting will persist until you change it.

Two ways to avoid this are: simply tell him to go away, and to pick a male avatar when you first register (you can always change this to a female one at any time later on, using the shapes in your Inventory’s Library folder).

Most people don’t check the names above other’s heads when they first arrive, but they .

10 – You don’t have to do anything in Second Life that you don’t want to.

11 – If you come across red lines saying ‘NO ENTRY’ or you’re bounced away from somewhere or get sent a blue dropdown flag saying you have tried to enter a banned area, don’t take it personally.

has in those rare damage-enabled areas) is that you will be teleported to wherever your Home location is set.

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