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They are now in their early forties and live next door to each other. Similarly, each couple had a baby girl within a month of each other.

Through the years they were closer than most families.

He has big arms and a big chest with a loud personality to go with his size.

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Erin leaned back with her ass bumping Donna into Stan. Stan had caught Donna with his right hand on her back but his left hand caught her tit.

While Donna was squeezing his dick he fondled her tit. "Hell, Donna, push Erin into me, I should get some too! A startled Donna released Stan's cock and stood up.

They were having more BBQs and going out together; always with a fair amount of drinking. About a year ago Trevor and Donna purchased a hot tub. The guys would always tease the girls to take off their tops but the girls had always declined.

At this past Saturday's BBQ, the girls had been drinking a lot and were especially giggly.

We tell them it is for one night only, but if anyone doesn't want to go through with it just make a call before and we call it off. Shouldn't we have a discussion with the guys first. "Let me sleep on it and we can talk tomorrow." That night Donna was having a hard time getting to sleep.

After it is anything and everything goes till am the next morning. Her mind was racing with all that Erin had proposed.

She finally fell asleep but awakened after having a dream about Stan fucking her in the hot tub. He was probably in a dream, was he dreaming of fucking Erin?

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