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Data Entry division of Live Chat Ltd offers most comprehensive variety of high quality and low cost services that tends to be perfectly fit for large volume data-entry applications.

We are exclusively focused and customized to offer the strategic data entry services.

We let you cut down the extra costs of hiring separate staff for this job that can be rather invested in your future growth and expansion Live Chat Ltd has multiple experienced customer services professionals who serve larger categories of industries all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if your business belongs to any unique industry; our live help agent, email support professionals and data entry virtual assistants are ready to build their strong knowledge base about your specific business industry.

Gonna get negged for this so bad but reading up on it, it seems so easy.

You get pictures of a model, get assigned a character and get paid to send sexy texts from home under another alias. But where abouts would you find a job doing this sort of thing? And yes I've had a look on Google but it doesn't seem to be that easy.With features like real-time chat supervision, chat takeover, and chat transcript review, as well as thorough analytics such as rating reports and operator efficiency reports, ensuring consistent customer service is only a few mouse clicks away.More Details Our Maximum On™ technology ensures 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that your website is always available when your visitors are online.More Details We make it easy for you to offer live support, which will improve your customer satisfaction ratings.Our real-time, built-in translator, breaks down language barriers by automatically detecting and translating chats into the language your customers use.Visitor information contains primary contact information and where on the site they started the chat.

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