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Learn more about how occupational therapists (OTs) are making a difference at CAMH, helping people develop the skills needed to get back to the activities that are meaningful to their day-to-day lives.With today’s busy schedules it can be difficult to fit in your regular dental appointments let alone wait for 2 weeks to have a second visit to get a crown done.

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Story boards and character design are the building blocks of your masterpiece.

Direct your virtual actors, record your sound track, and add effects.

The three sisters plan to hold a rally in Waterloo on Saturday to support the desexualization of women's bodies "with people wearing as much or as little on their torsos" as they might be comfortable with, Tameera Mohamed told CBC.

An informal poll of women in downtown Kitchener revealed what you might expect — women are not keen to embrace toplessness.

​Waterloo Regional Police acknowledge there was an incident involving three topless female cyclists and a police officer, but they wouldn't discuss the incident in detail.

The sisters, Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed (also known as recording artist Alysha Brilla), said they will file a formal complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director over the incident. Installs in just a couple of minutes with 2- Bungee cords. Fall Special Extend Your Golf Season With a Warm Golf Cart Enclosure. Hey everyone, Get ready for the NFL playoffs with this mug! It's in the original package and has not been used. Its legacy in this field will now be powered through the creation of a new research centre, the Azrieli Centre for Neuro-Radiochemistry.Gifts of Light are practical, meaningful gifts that meet the unique needs of patients at CAMH.When respondents were asked which things they notice first in a person’s smile, among common answers were straightness, cleanliness, and whiteness of teeth.

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