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Your layers are essential, but how you style them makes all of the difference. At any age it can be hard to say goodbye to long locks.

If you would like to crop your hair, but don’t want to take a step into the pixie territory, her rounded bob is a suitable solution.

A teased hairdo with volume at the roots gives the appearance of a thicker mane.

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A 60 year old woman should not forget about the color of her hair.

With age it’s preferably to wear lighter hair, however, if you want to stick to brown, upgrade it with highlights.

Haircuts for women over 60 should be in tune with your inherent elegance.

Tousled and spiked styles can work, but nothing is as spectacular as simple, sophisticated ‘dos for older women.

Achieve a crisp finish by blow drying your hair and running a flat iron over the lengths. It’s not just about what you have going on in the front.

You also need to consider the back of your hairstyle. It nods to the 1960s, but the way the volume is concentrated at the back of the head keeps it modern.

These graduated bangs draw attention to her beautiful eyes, and the feathered layers create a nice lift around the crown.

Whether you go naturally gray or dye your tresses, a simple, straight haircut will allow your color to be the focal point.

It is one of those hairstyles for over 60 women that is the right blend of chic and modern. They also don’t do anything to enhance thinner hair. The cheek-length bangs are modern and beautiful in terms of face-framing. The combination of the chunky tousled layers and dimensional highlights creates a dynamic hairstyle that’s neither short nor long.

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