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Treaties and agreements already concluded or to be concluded in the future between a member-state and another state shall not be binding or restrictive upon other members.The permanent seat of the League of Arab States is established in Cairo.In case of aggression or threat of aggression by one state against a member-state, the state which has been attacked or threatened with aggression may demand the immediate convocation of the Council.

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It has also as its purpose the close co-operation of the member-states, with due regard to the Organisation and circumstances of each state, on the following matters: A. For each of the questions listed in Article II there shall be set up a special committee in which the member-states of the League shall be represented.

Economic and financial affairs, including commercial relations, customs, currency and questions of agriculture an industry. Communications; this includes railroads, roads, aviation, navigation, telegraphs and posts. These committees shall be charged with the task of laying down the principles and extent of co-operation.

In the event that this representative is unable to communicate with the Council, any member-state of the League shall have the right to request the convocation of the Council.

Unanimous decisions of the Council shall be binding upon all member-states of the League; majority decisions shall be binding only upon those states which have accepted them.

The Council of the League shall appoint the Secretary-General by a majority of two thirds of the states of the League.

The Secretary-General, with the approval of the Council, shall appoint the Assistant Secretaries and the principal officials of the League.In either case the decisions of the Council shall be enforced in each member-state according to its respective laws.Each member-state shall respect the systems of government established in the other member-states and regard them as exclusive concerns of those states.The Council shall fix the share of the expenses to be borne by each state of the League. The members of the Council of the League as well as the members of the committees and the officials who are to be designated in the administrative regulation shall enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunity when engaged in the exercise of their functions.The buildings occupied by the organs of the League shall be inviolable. Each member-state of the League shall deposit with the Secretariat-General one copy of treaty or agreement concluded or to be concluded in the future between itself and another member-state of the League or a third state.If the aggressor is a member-state, his vote shall not be counted in determining unanimity.

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