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Having said all that, the violence in this show is WAY understated.Some episodes could probably be rated TV-14, but I think that the violence level, especially beginning toward the end of Season One and throughout Season Two should most certainly have bumped this series up to TV-MA.This series gets pretty close to recommending the idea that teens are better off handling their own problems because adults won't understand anyway, and they'll just get overprotective if you do share.

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The themes here are more complex and yet oversimplified by the writers in my opinion..such a point that no teen would have the capacity to really understand the depth and breadth of the issues beyond the broad strokes of "chivalry" and "saving my people".

These themes are brought up long enough to say they're in the story, but not really adequately explored in my opinion, making the series a poor teacher for young people.

I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly, and while the science in all these shows isn't necessarily perfect, the science in this show is so horribly wrong and inconsistent that it deserves to have its science card taken away completely, especially in Season 2.

I won't explain in great detail so as not to give away the plot, but let's just say that in reality, radiation does not work the way it does on this show, with instant burns that can heal almost as instantly, where yet a thin hazmat suit protects you, and where decontamination is critical to survival one minute, but completely unnecessary when it's time to move the plot along.

No drinking, just moonshine, First off, this show is extremely addictive, so it's hard to stop watching once you start.

Second of all, this show portends to be science fiction, but there are TONS of scientific holes big enough you could fly a starship through.

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And it's not just the types of violence depicted, it's also at an extreme quantity, especially in Season Two.

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